Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Bud FAQ - Innovative Nutritional Value

Q: Must I Use the Powder or Liquid Big Bud formulation?

Answer: Both goods provide helpful Phosphorous, Potassium, and Proteinates within their proper ratios to guarantee greatest absorption because of the plant to showcase big and heavier flowers and fruits.

Big BudThe Powder formulation might be far more inexpensive to use and is considerably less difficult to transport and retailer. It tends to have a lengthier shelf living when saved in a very trendy, dried out position faraway from immediate or vivid light versus the liquid formulation. In soilless (peat and coco coir) problems the powder formulation is a good additive to use with any nutrient program. For that finest final results feasible, submit an application Big Bud with Advanced Nutritional value bottom nutrition for example Iguana Juice, Sensi A B, Connoisseur or Mature, Bloom, Micro.

The Liquid formulation is a lot easier make use of, simply because every one of the elements have by now been dissolved into remedy, which simplifies mixing with your reservoir. Fluid formulations are far better suited to re-circulating systems lowering clogging in lines and emitters with un-dissolved particulate. Being a liquid, it really is less concentrated than powdered formulation but all factors are supplied within their proper and needed ratios. To use Fluid Big Bud in area in the proposed powdered Big Bud usage costs, just multiply the powdered quantity advised by a component of 10. For instance in case your nutrient recipe calls for .several grams each litre of powdered Big Bud, use a few ml for every litre of Fluid Big Bud. Retailer Liquid Big Bud inside a neat, dried out spot far from vibrant or immediate light. For that finest final results possible, utilize Big Bud with Sophisticated Vitamins bottom vitamins just like Iguana Juice, Sensi A B, Connoisseur or Grow, Bloom, Micro.

In no way mix powdered or fluid Big Bud inside their concentrated types with other nutrients in concentrate. Constantly mix all vitamins jointly at a reservoir with drinking water in the greatest high quality accessible for you.

Q: When should I use Big Bud?

Answer: In outdoor crops, you'll be able to begin to submit an application Big Bud just since the plant life begin to demonstrate symptoms of flowering and up for the flushing phase just before harvest. Little by little enhance the sum of Big Bud you produce with just about every watering, reaching maximum ranges through mid-flowering. For optimum benefits, discontinue using Big Bud and move to Overdrive in the course of the ripening phase; typically the final two to three days before the closing flushing period of time preceding for the meant date of harvest.

For pressured flowering or indoor crops, commence to submit an application Big Bud on the 2nd 7 days following transforming for the vital photoperiod utilized to initiate and retain the flowering reaction (usually 12 hours un-interrupted darkness for small day crops). Each and every three or more to 7 days, slowly boost the awareness of Big Bud applied, reaching greatest quantities in mid-flowering. You could carry on employing Big Bud till the ultimate 1 week of flushing prior to harvest. Even so, for that very best benefits probable, discontinue applying Big Bud and move to Overdrive with the very last a couple of to three or more days prior to the last 7 days of flushing ahead of harvest.

Q : Are both powdered or liquid formulations of Big Bud 100% natural?

Answer : No. Neither the powdered or liquid formulations of Big Bud are 100% organic and natural. Equally formulations contain organically dependent materials with exacting formulations of Phosphorous and Potassium. Big Bud can be used with natural feeding courses to boost production concentrations by incorporating density and bodyweight in flowers and fruits. Big Bud will have no bad effect on tastes, colours and aromas from the last product or service. In simple fact, Big Bud allows to strengthen necessary oil output; resulting in excellent top quality harvests.

Q : Will Big Bud influence the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), PPM, EC, etc of my nutrient option?

Answer : Yes. Including either Big Bud fluid or powder formulation will improve the complete amount of dissolved solids in your nutrient option. Superior Nutrients feeding plans are actually engineered with the finest ratios and quantities of all vitamins and beneficials. Big Bud allows comprise some of these nutrient values.

When adding Big Bud to other nutrient regimens, cut back again in your base bloom vitamins and minerals by about 10% and add possibly Big Bud powder or fluid formulation as for each label directions. Slowly enhance the concentration of Big Bud you employ to attain greatest values while in mid to peak flowering.

Q : How does using Big Bud advantage my crop?

Answer : Big Bud powder and fluid formulations use exacting amino acid profiles to deliver extremely distinct ratios of Phosphorous, Potassium, and also other factors essential for peak flower and fruit manufacturing phases.

By implementing Big Bud to flowering and fruiting vegetation the grower is ensuring how the window of opportunity for creating high quality and heavy yielding crops is maximized. The nutrient values in Big Bud are actually formulated for optimum effects and floral stimulation via exhausting investigation of flowering brief day dichotomous vegetation. Big Bud will assist to showcase a more powerful flowering response; increasing pounds, density, and vital oil production inside your favourite crop.

Q : How usually must I use Big Bud?

Answer : You may start to apply Big Bud as early as late vegetative development, but most growers choose to create Big Bud to their nutrient software 1 1 week right after commencing the flowering phase. Employ Big Bud with each application of nutrient answer that you simply offer for your flowering factories. Big Bud can be utilized up right until a person to two months ahead of the anticipated date of harvest when the "flush" phase begins. Pursuing the Superior Vitamins "Plus" plan, you may move from Big Bud from the later aspect of flowering to Innovative Nutritional value "Overdrive" as your flowering additive for ripening.

Q : Can I use Big Bud as being a "stand-alone" nutrient?

Answer: Big Bud is formulated to enhance the plant life flowering reaction in conjunction together with your standard nutrient program. Big Bud isn't designed to produce all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary by your plant life, but instead, to raise amounts of specific vitamins and to introduce bio-active amino acid complexes that boost your crop's healthy flowering response. In case you mature in a very nutrient rich soil that gives your facilities with all of the essential vitamins, using only Big Bud will help to enhance your yields and crop excellent although the soil provides all other required nutritional value.

Q : Is it OK to utilize Big Bud like a foliar spray?

Answer: Big Bud may be used as being a foliar spray, nonetheless it is encouraged how the substances be employed as a result of root feedings rather than foliar sprays. It just isn't recommended to spray your factories with anything at all after flowers have formed, normally two to three weeks after initiating the flowers cycle. Premium high quality non-ionic surfactants for example Wet Betty will improve the usefulness of foliar sprays.

Q : If I use Big Bud, must I use Flowers Booster Pro and/or Hammerhead also?

Answer : In case you are applying a total bottom nutrient in addition to Big Bud (liquid or powder) there isn't a must use almost every other flowers booster at a similar time(s) you might be making a request Big Bud from Superior Nutrition. If customizing your own feeding routine and you also decide on make use of a selection of flowers boosters, reduce the sum of every single bloom booster you combine, if additional than 1 bloom booster is utilised throughout similar application(s).


  1. can i use big bud at weeek 4/5 of flowering and also combine it with overdrive then after a week or so discontinue using big bud and then use just overdrive. can you mix them togther

    1. No. Use Big Bud week 2 - 4 of the flowering cycle ONLY, and Overdrive is to be used during week 5-6, OR the last 2 weeks BEFORE the flush.

  2. Do you use Big Bud every watering from week 2 thru 4 of flowering?

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  3. the english in this article is so awful, i can't seem to make any sence out of it

    1. Neither can I. It actually gave me a headache after reading just 2 paragraphs and I had to stop. Besides, by that point, all credibility was shot to hell...lol

  4. Heyyyyy I got a liquid bottle that stated nothing about soil! Any ideas as to how much to mix per gallon and or if I can even use it! It states for all hydro and aero grows! And what would happen if paused past into week 5-6 or grow?!